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Gutters are an essential component of any roof. They provide a way to direct rainwater safely away from the foundations of your home. 

While they are doing that job, you may not notice them. Gutters have a knack for being easily overlooked until it is too late and water damage has been done. In addition to protecting your property against leaks and mold growth, gutters also keep leaves and debris out of the rest of your drainage system. 

They stop the heavy materials from causing blockages in downspouts and prevent clogs in gutter lines that lead to roof drains.

A comprehensive gutter maintenance service can even be used as an effective deterrent against wood-destroying insects like termites, plus eliminating other creatures such as raccoons.

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Benefits of Gutters

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Gutters are beneficial for your home because they help reduce the risk of water damage to your home. 

The gutters that are attached to the roof guide rainwater away from your building and lead it into downspouts which carry it off or store it until you need to use it for other purposes. 

Even if you have a patio, this valuable design element is still necessary. 

Without gutters, rainwater will flow over the edge of your roof and onto your patio, where it is likely to create excess moisture. Not only does this cause puddles on your patio area, but also allows potential hazards such as mold growth in areas that may not be easily reachable by you when you notice them. 

Gutters can even assist with snow melting off a house after a heavy winter storm has passed.

Gutter Cleaning

You should clean your gutters every spring or when they have accumulated debris. This has a great impact on the look of your home, but it also helps to prevent and avoid water damage, which can occur when leaves and other materials block free flow into your downspouts and gutter lines.

Scrub the entire length of your rain gutter with a brush or broom to remove any debris build-up, then wipe them down with a cloth. If necessary, use mild soap and water to clean leaf residue from inside your gutters. 

Add some bleach to kill bacteria that may be living within the gutters if there is a high growth rate of mold or fungus on them.

Note: Make sure you wear protective gloves while using the cleaning products as they can be dangerous when used without protection.

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To keep gutters in good condition, you should perform cleaning tasks as soon as you detect problems like water leaks or ponding in gutters during rainfall events. 

Some experts believe that performing regular maintenance tasks will save you money in repairs, and also extend the life of your gutters.

The best time to clean your gutters is before they become clogged with leaf debris that may be difficult to remove. 

However, if you do not want to deal with this hassle yourself, you can count on us to keep your gutters in pristine condition. Our professional roofing contractors Fayetteville NC team will make your gutters as good as new, eliminating any blockage and ensuring a smooth water flow.

Gutter Installation

If you’re building a new home and require gutter installation services, you can count on us.

The advantage to having us do the installation is peace of mind knowing we will stay on schedule, be neat about the work area and minimize any inconvenience whatsoever.

Gutter Repair

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Gutter repair is required when rainwater is leaking into the home. This can be caused by cracks, holes, and gaps in the gutter system or a weakened flashing that may have been damaged due to wear and tear. 

The rainwater causes mold growth inside the walls of your home, causing water damage that can lead to structural issues and costly repairs.

Gutters are likely to get damaged over time, especially if they are left unattended for long periods of time. 

Therefore, you need to get your gutters repaired if there are signs of damage. 

It isn’t really a complicated process, but it does require some basic skills such as carpentry which most homeowners might not possess, so hiring an expert contractor will save you the trouble of having to do all the labor yourself.

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